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Studying abroad

Studying abroad with Study Planet is a great way to learn a foreign language. Even though you can learn languages in schools, on language courses or by watching overseas TV shows, all of these methods are incomparable to a stay in a different country. Whether you’re talking to friends or teachers, you’re at school or at a supermarket you have no other option but to speak the foreign language. This way you’ll be able to learn the language quicker and improve your vocabulary. There are going to be other students from different countries around the world at your school, so you might as well learn some basics of another language just by talking to your friends. You’ll get to know what life is like in a different country, you also might decide to stay in that country. Besides, studying abroad will bring a bunch of new experiences and possibly even open the gateway to your success. Among those new experiences are for example: getting better at solving problems, learning to be more flexible and being more independent.

If you chose to study abroad you’re at the right place!

I am interested in Studying abroad

Satisfied students

I have been living in Australia for 16 years thanks to StudyPlanet. Originally I came to Sydney to study and gain experience, but I fell in love with the way of life in Australia, I moved to Melbourne and decided to stay permanently. People from StudyPlanet helped me with everything I needed, I never felt like I was left alone with a problem.

Katarína, Melbourne

The United States has the best schools in the world and I wanted to study on one of them. The study is challenging but offers great opportunities for further development. I already have deals from brokerage houses from Wall Street or London City.

Peter, Boston

I have a Japanese girlfriend I met during my studies in Australia, so the next choice was clear. I have a lot of students in the US, Canada and Western Europe at my school, so I feel great here. Our teachers are very pedantic and give you a great space for research.

Zoltán, Tokio

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